The Mars Exploration Rover touches down tonight

I am spending tonight working on our client’s project and watching a streaming version of NASA TV. The lander touches down in almost exactly one hour from now.

If you don’t want to watch the stream, Asa is blogging every major and minor event throughout the entire entry and landing procedure. So far everything looks nominal :)

Edit (11:46PM EST): Looks like they received from preliminary signals that indicated that bouncing was occurring on the surface of Mars. Since that time no further signals have been acquired.

Edit (11:57PM EST): We’ve recieved the signals from the lander that indicate that it has landed and is operating normally. The NASA people also indicate that signal strength is VERY strong.

Edit (12:01PM EST): The tones recieved from the lander indicate “BASE PEDAL DOWN” which means it landed right side up. Airbag retraction should start soon.