Receiving Criticism

Random Thought: I think that there are possibly two distinct types of people in the world. The first are people who seek out criticism, expect mixed results, and use that negative feedback to improve themselves. The second type is a person who appears to be seeking criticism when in fact they’re only looking for people to praise them. If they receive negative comments, they shy away and look for someone, who will either lie to them or who don’t know better, to give them good feedback when it isn’t actually warranted.

I like people to point out when I’m screwing up, doing something poorly, or if I make a spelling mistake on my site :) Receiving feedback on a wide range of topics from people helps make myself a better person. Its like a little team of people pointing out the stuff I missed. Its your life running more efficiently!

I’m not interested (very often) in people inflating my ego for whatever reason if its baseless. Mostly because someone who’s not as (nice, dumb, whatever) will eventually come around and knock you on your ass :)

Anyways, a random thought. Mostly sparked by watching a few nights of American Idol 3 tryouts and this article: Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See or Ten Common Problems That Make You Look Like an Amateur that I got off of nslog();