The uninformed

The IE Factor is a phenomenon described on Stopdesign that encompasses the totally retarded behavior that Internet Explorer 6 exhibits.

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge I encounter each time is in wrangling Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. This devil does not play fair. It often follows no rules, and its behavior defies all common logic. It will double margins for no apparent reason. Borders disappear, 62 pixels magically turn into 143 pixels. It dodges left when other browsers go right. I’ve decided to call this phenomenon “the IE Factor”. (Those familiar with authoring DHTML four or five years ago already know where I’m headed with this.)

Anyone who has ever attempted to break free of crappy HTML scripting and use actual standard’s compliant code and use CSS like their supposed to will run into a retarded Internet Explorer bug in the first 30 minutes. That’s a fact. I still