Powered by Caffeine

I am a caffeine powered, high efficiency, low maintenance, low intake supercharged coding machine capable to producing sites in record times. Vroom Vroom!

In other words I’ve not been to sleep before 2AM in a while and my stomach is a vile cauldron of caramelized soda water, kitkats, cheetos and pizza. My brain is a floating mishmash of assembly code, PHP, visual basic.NET, C, robots, interplanetary photos, websites, deadlines and probably more Pepsi™.

What’s scary is that I’m not mad that I’m so busy. I’m thrilled to be working on 4 or 5 projects all in different languages and that I have stuff to do. Being bored is probably one of the suckiest things I can think of. I just hope all of this doesn’t result in a stomach transplant or something though ;)