Audioscobbler: Thumbs up so far

So I signed up with Audioscrobbler yesterday and since then I’ve listened to approximately 262 songs

My top artists?

  • Yellowcard – 18
  • Saves the Day – 14
  • Something Corporate – 10
  • New Found Glory – 8
  • Zebrahead – 8
  • Reel Big Fish – 8
  • The Starting Line – 8
  • Nerf Herder – 8
  • Sum 41 – 7
  • The Early November – 7

They’ve been making changes to the site in the past few days, specifically in the “similar artists” section which tries to recommend artists to you that are similar to the artists you listen to based on what other people listen to. For example, Audioscrobbler tells me that the bands:

  • Brand New
  • Something Corporate
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Rufio
  • Finch
  • Thursday
  • Further Seems Forever
  • The Starting Line
  • Senses Fail

etc… are all very similar to Yellowcard. They all make sense too, I like and listen to about 99% of the bands right there. I really need to check out “Brand New”, from this list I’d say there’s a pretty good chance I’ll like them ;)

The other thing I like checking out is Audioscrobbler’s weekly charts which show the most popular tracks each week from all the data that people send into the system. Its really interesting to see artists and songs ebb and flow from week to week :)