Life is moving along

Well things have become quite hectic quite quick! I’m doing well though. We’re whittling down to-do’s and bugs on our main client’s site. The “spotter robot” project is also in full swing. We’ve got code in the works, parts on order, and schematics drawn up. Things are beginning to solidify :)

I’m also quickly becoming the “fountain of knowledge” in my ECET 359 (VB.NET) class :) I should keep my mouth shut in class, people are beginning to think that I know what I’m talking about :P We’ve finished our first group lab in the class which polls a USB device, tests it, and lets the user set up some sets of pins as inputs and outputs and then read or write to/from those pins. Its pretty interesting and I hope we get into more challenging things soon :)

I’m also writing some PDF generation + integration code, encoding DVDs, and getting a calendar scraping applescript to work at CERIAS :)

My life is packed, but things are getting done and I’m doing exceptionally well in my classes so far, so I’m happy ;)

What am I doing right now: Scanning in pages for 396 project proposal

Listening To: 3,720 To 1 from the album Drive Thru Records – Welcome to the Family by The Benjamins