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The robot project is coming along great! We’ve actually received all of the major components of the project including:

  • Robot base with DC motors and wheels
  • H-bridge controller module
  • Atmel micro-controllers
  • Two 433MHz transceivers and one 433MHz receiver
  • 20 Infrared emitted diodes and 20 phototransistors keys to said diodes
  • point to point boards, wiring, stand-offs
  • LCD module and corresponding driver circuitry
  • Battery holder (8xAA)
  • Switches, lights, etc

Tomorrow evening my group will be meeting in open lab to get some code laid out for driving the robot around as well as testing the IREDs and phototransistors.

Other Classes

We gave our first ECET359 group presentation today. I must say I am very proud of our team :) We had one of the best apps up there (looks-wise at least) and I think the professor really liked it. Hopefully we can pull this off every week :)