Current Projects

Here’s a little run down of everything that I’m doing currently, feel free to ask questions if you’re interested in the comments:

  • ECET 359 – Digital Interfacing Project (i made up this title myself :)) — This is just a small time project where we have to interface three things. The first is the user interface and this is done in VB.net, I’m doing a lot of the UI design for this part and I think that its coming along nicely. The VB.net application interfaces with a USB device called a Personal Measurement Device seen below. This comes with a lot of code for a lot of different languages including VB.net. You simply insert the reference, init the board, and call some API methods. It’s really simple and it lets you bring in digital IO, and analog input. Basically we’re using this device to communicate with an LCD board. So our VB.net program allows us to test the board (to make sure its working) and then display a customizable display on either of the two lines. We can display CPU usage and Winamp song (with a plugin). This is a very fun project but we’re moving on to more exciting things (and new group members) soon.

  • ECET 357 – Labs, labs, labs, homework, homework, homework. I pretty much aced a practical in here last week, so I’m happy

  • ECET 396 – Robot. Drives, we have boards built for it, but we’ve not really begun interfacing a complex system of software with our individual modules. We need to get this going ;) I tried to get the sensor board to read my two wheel sensors to modulate the Pulse Width Modulation of the drive wheels (making them go faster or slower) and was met with not enough connection wires/headers and no little screwdrivers to make adjustments. Couple that with the realization that the board might not be working properly ended my night in just a bit of frustration.

That’s school stuff, lets not get into professional web stuff, let alone all the website I want/need to make at the moment :P