Its time for Spring Break

Classes for this week are over and I’m done with them for a whole week :) I’m heading to Disney World in a few days and me and Jacqui are going to spend about 4 days there in the warm weather and doing fun stuff. I can’t wait :)

In other news, one of Jacqui’s Chinchillas had started acting strange in the past two days. Puffy cheeks, drooling, and not accepting food. Jacqui, Will, and I caught her and looked in her mouth and saw nothing but puffy swollen cheeks. On the advice of one of Jacqui’s friends who has raised lots of chinchillas, she made a vet appointment and they went yesterday.

Well it turns out that the chinchilla had two overgrown back teeth. One had grown all the way across the mouth and the other was actually growing into her cheek and causing some bleeding. The vet put her under and clipped both of the teeth and one actually fell out. So the chinnie is fixed now, but she’s on a liquid diet and has to take medicine a few times a day. Will smith is going to be taking care of her while we’re gone over the break.