My Third Interview

Well I made it down to Cincinnati on Friday with Will and Jacqui. I got there about 15 minutes early and hung out in the break room until the manager was available.

We talked a little bit about what I was going to do which was meet the three RF engineers that currently work the Cincinnati area. I met with all three guys for about 20 or 30 minutes each and learned a lot about the job, the area, what I might be doing and most importantly about the types of people I might be working with at T-Mobile.

Some stuff I learned:

  • My initial duties – These would probably be to create a system to process and refine a crap-load of quality and statistical data that is produced by the towers. The engineers spend a lot of time pulling all of this data down, getting it together, and analyzing it. A few hours each day is wasted just getting to the point where they can start looking through the data to identify any trends or problems. What I can do to alleviate this problem is create some sort of system with input from the engineers on how I could automate the retrieval of the data, process it in a standard manner and offer up some ways to display the data in a way that tries to predict what the engineers might want to see and how they’d like to see it.

  • The team at the Cincinnati office is small and they work really close – This was something I was pretty excited about. The way we work at CERIAS is small and it works well I think. It helps us communicate a lot better and I think that a lot more gets done in that kind of work environment.

  • The people working there are diverse and seem really cool – The three guys I met all have different personalities and I was able to relate to all of them in different ways. They all seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs and what they were doing.

  • T-Mobile is a big company – That means there’s a lot to do in a lot of different places and that they can offer employees a lot of cool benefits. That’s something that’s important to me, and looking through T-Mobile’s site I saw a lot of neat things that they offer their employees.

Employee Benefits

Overall I felt that the people I met think that I’m a good fit for the job and I would tend to agree with them. The manager told me that he’d get back to me in a week or two with his decision and I felt pretty confident that he’ll choose me, but I’m still nervous :)