I'm learning Python. Could this be the snake in my dream? :)

I finally took the initiative and I’m currently reading through Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Python text and I’m making some good headway into the capabilities of the language. I’m really digging the cool built-in list methods for selecting parts of lists and searching for information in a list. There are so many cool things I’ve learned about Python today that I couldn’t really go over them here.

Of course I’m also trying to balance all of the other stuff in my life. I spent about three hours today over at one of my group member’s place working on robot stuff. We think we’ve got all of the modules working great, and we put an awesome little light on the bottom of the robot to provide a bit more ambient light for the spot sensors.

We’ve also got all of our levels constructed out of some really neat PVC panels= we found at Lynxmotion

I’ll try to get a few pictures of how far along we are. Our milestone of “basic functionality” is one week from monday and we’re pretty close. I finally got the thing driving somewhat straight and going exact distances, we just need some minor tweakage there. We’re currently trying to hash out the RF communications (i may be making this a lot more hard than it should be) and sensing dots and providing LCD readout. We’ve got to have all that stuff done by Monday so this is going to be a busy week.

I think we’re getting pretty close to finishing up with our one client, i fixed those things I was “dreaming” about this morning and hopefully I’ll hear back from the guy about how he thinks things are coming along.