Ocular Confessions

I don’t think I mentioned this little detail about my trip to Florida, but my glasses broke while we were there. Luckily we were able to patch them together with some super glue and every thing’s been great since then. Well, that is, if you look past the fact that my glasses look like they just got trampled by elephants and I tried to dunk them in a vat of glue to put them back together!

I went to the “Vision Center” at the local Super Wal*Mart yesterday for two reasons:

  1. To get an eye exam. I don’t think I’ve had a proper one in about 5 years.
  2. To get a new pair of glasses. Frames and Lenses of course.

It went well! I called up the place around 5:45, got an appointment for 6:15 and I was outta there by 6:45 or so. It turns out my prescription has gotten a bit stronger since the last pair of glasses I had and the doctor also mentioned that I have a slight astigmatism in both eyes. That’s definitely something that I didn’t have before :P

Me and Jacqui also picked out some cool, light frames and got some really thin, light lenses. All in all I think that it went really well and I can’t wait to get my new pair of glasses next week :D (I’ll put some pictures up on the ‘sight’ <— haha)

P.S. Me and Jacqui have started “running” again. Except its not quite running like we used to, we’re still working up to that ;) Right now we’re walking 1.25miles and running 0.75 miles but hopefully that percentage will start to slowly increase.