So busy!

Wow I’ve been really busy as graduation is inching closer :) I’ve been doing a lot of stuff so I’ll try to distill it all down to a single post and try not to drone on and on about stuff.

New Glasses



I got these from the SUPER DUPER wal*mart vision center. I know Kennedye hates wal*mart but I thought I was getting them from a Wal*Mart that was about 3 minutes from my apartment but it turned out that I was phoning the Wal*Mart on the other side of town. blarg.


Nothing really spectacular here. We’ve got our robot going pretty good. We added another micro-controller to the base. We’ve got to perform a practice run in one week from Monday so we’re pushing hard to get things done. We’ve got it driving the pattern, finding dots, and sending data that a dot was found to the “communications tower.”


Nothing yet on the Job search. I’m still waiting to hear back from T-Mobile (should be this week) and I’ve been applying to jobs that pop up on CCO.


Last Thursday was elections and since me and Jacqui are graduating we can’t hold position obviously ;). Matt stepped down as President and took over at Vice President. Justin is now PUMUG pres, Chris Foresman is now Treasurer and Anna Petinkis is now Secretary.

We also had a few group members step forward to head some of the SIGs and create a new one. Paul Ardis is head of the new “Gaming SIG” and Danny Purdue is now head of the “Multimedia SIG.”