Done with Purdue

Welp, I’m sitting here in the Union for maybe the last time and I’ve come to the realisation that I’m done with my Undergraduate degree here at Purdue :) I’ve got a lot of emotions I’m feeling right now that come bubbling up as I think of everything that’s happened here and all the stuff that’s in front of me right now.

I am both happy and sad that I’m leaving. I’m always nervous leaving somewhere comfortable for somewhere unknown. I’m also excited at the prospect of living somewhere new, unexplored, with its own set of cool little place and interesting people.

I’m sad that I’ll never get to eat a turkey bacon wrap and get it served to me by the nicest person in the world, Georgia. I’m sad that I’ll probably never see a crazy-as-hell person screaming at me about religion as I walk to class. I’ll miss knowing this place like the back of my hand. I’ll miss the Citybusses, Pizza Villa, Pappy’s, the fountains, the PUMUG meetings, the HKN lounge, my class mates and everyone I’ve met here.

I’ll miss the excitement of the upcoming semester and all the cool new stuff you learn and the challenges you run up against.

But I know that me leaving Purdue is what is necessary for me to continue developing as a person. As much as I’d love to stay here forever, in this place where everything stays young forever, I know I have to move out on my own, and start growing in a different direction. I guess in a way I’ve outgrown Purdue, as much as I hate to say it.

I can’t wait to get all my things packed and moved to a new home. I can’t wait to paint walls, move in our own furniture, pay off my staggering student debt, and save money for the future. There are so many experiences and people to meet, places to see. I’m also very scared about all of that as well. I’m going to be responsible for a lot more. I have to excel at my job and show people who don’t know me how hardworking and creative I can be :)

Maybe this next chapter of my life isn’t so different from Purdue afterall. A lot of the things I’m expected to do as I enter this new job are a lot like starting a new semester. Meeting and getting used to your managers is just like accomodating your professors. My fellow engineers are like my classmates and all of the challenges of the position are a lot like the challenges you come across in course work.

End babble mode I guess. I’m about to end another chapter of my life. Having lunch for the last time with a friend I’ve known and cared about for almost 10 years now.