So much has been going on! Graduation, Moving, Painting!

Wow, so much to talk about! Last satuday we all graduated and had lots of fun with our family members. I’ve got some pics concerning all of that here:

Clint and Jacqui in Graduation Uniforms

That night and the next morning my Dad, Jacqui, my Aunt and me cleaned up the apartment and packed everything into the moving truck. Got some pics concerning that here:

[Picture of our next kitchen

We spent some time with the family on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday shopping for necessities, appliances, and a bed! On Tuesday night we went and got some paint for the apartment and on Wednesday we taped up and plastic’d up the apartment and starting painting! Will Smith got down here around 1pm and we all worked together painting the living room. I’ve got pics of all of that too!

[A picture of a painted wall in the living room

I start work on Monday so I’ll have some information about that too soon!