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The GSM System for Mobile Communications

An Introduction to GSM

Mobile Cellular Telecommunications: Analog and Digital Systems

Mpirical Telecommunications Companion

TCH – Traffic Channel
HO – Handover Quality
IHO – Incoming Handover
OHO – Outgoing Handover
UP – Uplink
DN – Downlink
CCH – Control Channel
SACCH – Slow Associated Control Channel
SDCCH – Standalone Dedicated Control Channel
FACCH – Fast Associated Control Channel

FACCH allows *TCH*s to be used as *SDCCH*s (undesirable, but sometimes necessary)

What in the world are Seizures?

HO_QUAL : Percentage of handovers due to quality

Erland B Module : Lost-calls-cleared, blocking probability

Cellular frequencies (800Mhz) is split into 2 bands (A & B). Provides 333 channels per band.

Every phone call takes place on a “channel” which is composed of an RX frequency and a TX frequency.