More Cellular Tidbits from Work

RFM – RF Monitor – Expansion has been cleared, monitoring quality of service until it becomes necessary to add new equipment.

Seizures : Originally I thought of this term in the same way as someone who has a seizure. Like the line freaks out. However, after reading a few things online I’m beginning to think that it refers to something more like someone seizing something from someone else. It’s really hard to find anything on this term because when you search for seizures and RF you get a crapload of papers talking about how RF transmisison towers give people brain damage and seizures.

BSS – Base Station System ?
NSS – Unknown
OMCR – Operations Maintenance Center Radio
BCCH – Broadcast Control Channel – Identifies the network. Gives out the LAC , RAC , MNC , and BA.
LAC – Location Area Code – Identifies an LA (Location Area). Locaton Area is a # of cells throughout which a GSM mobile will be paged.
RAC – Routing Area Code – Fixed length of 1 octet and identifies a routing area within a location area. The RAC is a part of the RAI.
RAI – Routing Area Identification is composed of the LAC and RAC and is used for paging and registration.
MNC – Mobile Network Code – Two or three digit # to uniquely identify a given network from within a specified country (*MCC*). The MNC is used as a part of the IMSI and LAI.
BA – A list of frequencies supported on neighboring cells. The parameter is broadcast