Work/Life Stuff

Just some random things. I’ve been working on doing some daily excel reports at work in the past few days. Trying to take over these convoluted things is a little difficult, but I’m deciphering what a lot of the fields and numbers mean and how they’re all calculated.

I’ve already started crafting a plan to make some REALLY tedious reports a heck of a lot easier to do. Not totally automated at first but from what I saw today (and how much excel sucks at this stuff), it would be a definate time saver.

I was going to get to go out to a tower site today but mother nature had different plans for me :P We got rained out so I spent some of my spare time reading up on some cellular stuff and figuring out what some acronyms meant. I also spent the better half of the day doing and re-doing a report that I kept messing up (macros! argh!).

Tomorrow I’m going out to the warehouse to spend some time with the field technicians and see a little bit of what they do. I was told that they’ll be running some tests on some telco cabinets. I really want to get out there and how everyone interacts with the physical stuff so I can get a better grasp of what’s going on.

Anyways, things are going pretty good and I’m really excited about everything ;) I’m still getting some accounts set up and get a personell # so I can set up benefits and such, but its coming along.

Other Stuff

I found out today from my father that he and his girlfriend are having a girl in October. Talk about something coming out of left-field. Its going to be a little tough getting used to the idea of me having a half-sister that is significantly younger than me! I’m really excited for them and I know he’ll raise her right (look how well I turned out! :))