Office Chairs

I’ve been getting new chairs recently, both at work and at home!

Just the other day my work chair was acting a bit funky and a coworker suggested I find a new chair somewhere in the office. I was looking around in the back room and spotted a Herman Miller Aeron office chair :O

For those of you who don’t know, Aeron chairs had their heyday back during the dot-com boom. Companies getting rich bought these chairs in droves. These chairs aren’t cheap as they still cost around $1100 new, but you can sometimes find them for $600 or so used.

So I took it and now its my work chair! The price is justified though, this chair is by far the most comfortable chair I’ve ever used! I took some pics with my phone:

Last night I got fed up with my broken and busted office chair that I use at home and we shot off to Best Buy and got a new one. This one also has an “open back” and I really like it a lot :D