Speaking of Excel and Python

According to the VB Object browser, the AxisGroup property of a series is read/write and it would appear that that is true. When I record a macro of me changing a series’ axis from primary to secondary I see something like

series.AxisGroup = 2

However, if I try to perform the same action in Python I get an error along the lines of:

AttributeError: Property 'NewSeries.AxisGroup' can not be set.

I’m thinking it has something to do with the NewSeries part of this. There is an AxisGroup property of the Axis class that is Read-only but I don’t see how that could be coming into play here. More on this exciting development as information becomes available!


-By default a two dimentional graph has two axes defined. You obviously can’t tell a series to be set to the secondary y-axis if one doesn’t exist! Therefore you have to explicitly setup your axes like so:-

This is obviously false because I can remove the third line here and still get my secondary axis. I think the issue lied more with that I hadn’t setup ANY axes and that I hadn’t provided any data yet.

 xAxis = chart.Axes()[0] yAxis1 = chart.Axes()[1]

Then you can happily assisn your series’ to the secondary axis with no problems!

If you want to set the properties of the secondary axis, you do it like this:

 chart.Axes(2,2).MinimumScale = 0 chart.Axes(2,2).MaximumScale = 0.05