Instiki is a Wiki that runs as an application on your Mac (or windows or *nix machine). What’s a Wiki ? Have you ever used Wikipedia ?

Basically a Wiki is a collaborative editing system meant for managing web content via any web browser. It lets anyone provide content, correct mistakes, and provide useful feedback in a non-intrusive manner!

A lot of open-source projects maintain Wiki’s for knowledge base, support, and user tips.

Anyways, you can run Instiki as an application on your Mac. You run the app and it interfaces with you via a menubar icon labeled “Wiki” which basically only gives you a convienant way to launch the web interface of the wiki. The wiki actually runs a stripped down webserver on your Mac that runs on port 2500. The default installation asks you a few questions and then you’re set at the “Home Page” where you can begin editing content and adding your own pages and stuff.

I use Instiki as a private wiki; more like a free-form disorganized blog for only me. Jacqui equated it to a kind of journal which I guess is pretty much true :) I like to keep todo lists, project ideas, daily accounts of I did each day, etc. Instiki has become an essential tool for my ultimate goal of catalouging everything I do and think of

Its a lofty goal, and turns out to be pretty timeconsuming even if you keep up with it, but I think it’d make for a cool book someday :)