Emails out of the blue

Got an email out of the blue today from someone who works in the Creative Services department at Jungle Jims International Market about my previous about our trips to the store.

They really loved the “incognito” camera phone shots and how much we enjoyed the store :)

We actually were just back there this previous sunday (we’ve been alternating between a Meijer that is 11 miles away and JJ’s which is approximately 30 miles away) and got lots more yummy food :)

I took some time during this trip to investigate their “English” section for a friend of mine who is moving to nearby Lexington (100mi south of us). He’s originally from the UK and is comign to KY after living for a time in California. So he wanted to know if he could pick up some english candies. Good news is that I found tons of Cadburry candies like he was hoping for. I even took some pictures for him: