Weekend Update

I got let off from work early on Friday (around 3:30) which was really cool. Friday we ordered some Pizza and hung out and caught up on our TV viewing for the week!

On saturday we got up and went to the store to get some Pop and supplies for the Arstechnica meetup later that day. We came back and fried up all 104 potstickers. That didn’t go so well because a lot of our potstickers had become gooey in the fridge overnight and began sticking to one another. We finally got all of them separated by one way or another (pizza cutter) and fried them all up.

We then left to go to the meet. We drove through some really bad weather, but by the time we arrived it was nice and clear and everyone was there having a great time.

We hung out and talked to everyone and generally had a great time eating brats and burgers and talking about Ars and other geeky things. I took some pictures and you can see them here

Will Smith (our former roommate) and Ed came down from Purdue and two other people I knew from Purdue came down, so it was a little Purdue reunion ;)

We left the meet around midnight-1am and headed back to Purdue to spend the night in my old room. The next day we went to see Spiderman 2 with Will and then ate dinner at Applebees (first time I’ve ever eaten at the Applebees near my old apartment ;))

All-in-all it was a great time and I look forward to next year’s meet! (This is our third Indy meet btw) :)