Lack of posts this weekend

Sorry about the missing posts from this weekend, we’ve had our friends Greg and Will Smith down for the weekend and we’ve been having a lot of fun.

Jacqui has also been having a lot of back pain and she had to call into work on Friday to go see someone about it. I took off Friday as well so that I could drive her here and there and tend to her.

We spent some of the day on Friday preparing potstickers as snacks while the friends were over. Its always fun to do potstickers. We get to sit and watch TV together and talk about a lot of stuff. Its really fun :)

Will and Greg came down around 7:30ish on Friday evening and we decided to go eat at Bucca Di Beppos. We had a ton of great food and shared a lot of laughs and overall had a great time. We came back that night and watched some TV Shows and Star Trek: Insurrection.

On Saturday we slept in and ate a lot of potstickers for lunch. We then went to see the Otters at the [Newport Aquarium]. It was a little pricy ($18 a person) but it was fun and we got to see a lot of cool fish (and otters).

We came back from the aquarium and went to eat dinner at a cool little restaurant near us named [Hamburger Mary’s]. We had a lot of fun, I had a Bleu Cheese burger and Jacqui had an Avacado burger ;)

We came back to the apartment after that hung out for a little while, watched some shows on TV and later we played Blitz (a card game) and decided that we all wanted to play uno real bad so we got in the car and drove to Florence,KY to get to a Walmart before it cloed at midnight.

We bought two packs of Uno and some junk food and headed back. It was also cool that we got to see the awesome Cincinnati skyline on our way back into the city from Kentucky.

Went played Uno until about 2:30-3am and had fun laughing and pigging out on chips and dip and M&M’s. We woke up this morning and ate lunch at the Mal downtown (foodcourt!) and I went to work to pick up a library book I left there (due tomorrow). Soon we’re going to Jungle Jims for our weekly groceries :)