Wow...just .... wow

Adam was first tipped off about the investigation when the FBI raided his and his fiancee’s apartment in May of 2002 and seized thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment. Adam later received a copy of the affidavit filed in support of the search warrant, and was shocked to discover that this document, prepared by the FBI, contained significant amounts of erroneous and misleading information. For example, two social security numbers were listed for Adam, one of which is not his. References were made to a cease and desist letter sent by the MPAA to an email address that did not exist. His online friendship with other Stargate fans across the globe was portrayed as an international conspiracy against the MPAA. And perhaps most disturbing of all, it was later revealed that the FBI invoked a provision of the USA Patriot Act to obtain financial records from his ISP.

Wow. This all took place in my new home city of Cincinnati, Ohio! These sort of events are very depressing and were made possible by our current (and retarded) administration (Patriot Act!). Here is the complete link to Adam’s full nightmare of a story. Make a paypal donation to help Adam out with legal/travel/trial/bond costs on the linked page.