A kindred soul!

I read this post on Something Similar and it was almost as if he was writing about me:

I will, on occasion, lie to people while talking to them online late at night. I don’t lie about relationships, or them, or about myself. I tell them that I’m “heading to bed” when I know for damn sure that I’m merely going to put up and away message (usually some variation of “sleeeep”) then pull up my text editor and start writing code. I have no remorse about doing this. The closest thing to regret I feel is the crushing pain in my head the next pain. That’s what I get for writing until 5 or 6 in the morning.

I do this in many ways. I do the AIM thing, I will either put up the away message or just shut down AIM all together. I also tell Jacqui I’ll be coming to bed soon and end up coming to bed at 3am :o