A Fun-Filled Weekend!

We’ve been enjoying a very packed weekend but its been really fun, and its not even over yet! :)

Last night we went to a Mediterranean restaurant downtown (within walking distance) named [Mejana]. I had half a grilled chicken with some special kind of rice and Jacqui had a lamb shank. It was very tasty indeed :)

This morning we checked out early and headed down to Target in Florence, Kentucky to purchase a nice vaccuum cleaner for our apartment. We’d gone through two crappy and very old vacuum cleaners which we got for free and our only other cleaner was a lightweight one that my grandma had left with us. The little cleaner was good for some small things but it could do nothing against the notorious carpet fuzz in our apartment.

See, before we moved into our current aparmtnet, the owners replaced all the carpet. This left us with tons of little carpet fuzzies all over the place. We had no way to vacuum them properly so they began building up everywhere. If you even sat down on the floor your shirt would be coated in fuzzies!

Since we’re getting Brutus


After purchasing the cleaner me and Jacqui headed on out to the League for Animal Welfare out in Batavia, OH (Cincinnati Suburb) to drop off some old kitten food that we wouldn’t be needing for Brutus. The organization is a no-kill,non-profit organization that takes in stray, sick, or abandoned animals and tries to get them back in good shape and get them adopted by good families. The facilities were impressive! Lots of room and places for the dogs to run around inside and outside and lots of fun Cat areas with perches and fun kitten stuff.

We got to see some cool dogs and lots of cool cats. It was a lot of fun and we’re considering volunteering there and donating some money to their cause.

After the Animal Shelter we headed around the loop up to Jungle Jims to do our weekly shopping, and after shopping we headed back home. Once home we put away all the grocery stuff and put the vacuum cleaner to eradicate the fuzzies all over the apartment.

And eradicate we did! Check out the massive amount of carpet fuzz we removed!

I would estimate that we probably removed half a trashbag of carpet fuzz from the apartment! The new vacuum cleaner is simply amazing and its a bargain at $119 (on sale this week) from Target or $99 from Amazon.com!

P.S. Brutus is coming home tomorrow! 16 hours, 41 mins, 21 secs until brutus!!