Wichita school bans goths

Why do they ban dressing like a goth but they don’t ban people for dressing preppy?

A dozen students at Wilbur Middle School in Wichita, Kansas, were threatened with suspension for dressing in black clothing, dying their hair, and wearing black lipstick or eye shadow after the school’s principal cracked down on the “Goth” look last week.

I remember back when I was freshman at Northeast Magnet High School in wichita, there was a student (Justin) who had a big spiky mohawk and wore this jacket with all sorts of white patches saftey-pinned to it. They cracked down on him and told him he couldn’t wear the jacket and he couldn’t wear the mohawk. That mohawk looked so sad when he came in without it all hair-sprayed up :)

We also had a fellow student who was a cross-dresser. Kylie was awesome but the administration routinely threatened to force him to dress in normal men’s clothing and not to wear his wigs to school. Kylie didn’t wear outrageous clothing (for a female). He wore a wig in the same style that the other girls wore and he wore the same type of clothing all the other girls wore. I always thought our principal had a little bone to pick with Kylie.

The article goes on to read:

“Last week, a parent told me her two kids were talking about this at dinner,” Crain said. “And one of them said ‘I’m so glad Ms. Crain did this, because a Goth sat behind me last year and every single day he’d hiss at me like a snake.’ And that impeded his learning.”

How does forcing the students to not wear black clothing keep him from hissing at someone else in class. I hate school administrators, is there some sort of rule against them having half-a-brain?

…last week, she noticed a group of 10 to 12 students dressed in black, wearing lipstick and makeup. She immediately called the students into her office to let them know their look violated the school’s dress code.

Last week was a busy week! Does this rule apply to cheerleaders who wear their cheerleading outfits in the hallways and to class? They all seem to hang out with each other and make other people feel bad about themselves by looking so darn pretty. Does it apply to the football players? Does it apply to the band kids? The geeks who hang out together? The religious kids?

Address the root of the problem, not the symptoms. Its pretty freakin simple.