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We also got an awesome review from one of our customers, Raj:


Ok, the shirt is cool. Raj shows off his shirt

There are 3 things I look for in a t-shirt: how snug it is, how it feels, and whether or not it is black. My new “My Computer Goes Down on Me” T-shirt from www.testtubetshirts.com satisfies each of these criteria quite well. To a “T,” one might say.

First of all, the fit is really good. I’m about 5’11”, 140lb, and the medium
shirt fits me nicely (perhaps the ‘small’ would have been better, but I am
happy with this one, and that’s all that matters). Second, the material is
great. I’m too lazy to look at the tag, but I’m guessing it’s some kind of
synthetic/cotton blend which makes it glide over my nipples like Brian
Boitano on ice. Third, it is black. Once you go black, you never go back.

This t-shirt is awesome, and I don’t even like clothes. This shirt makes me
feel sexy, and I’m not even sexy. I’m an engineer.