RSS Aggregators for OS X

So I was all ready to make a post about how much I loved this new application called Newsfire and how it’s almost taken the place of NetNewsWire as my permanent news reader and Ranchero goes and releases the first [public beta of NetNewsWire 2.0]!

I was set to tell everyone about how the interface of Newsfire was how an OS X app should be, how it was not sluggish in the least, did everything I needed, and didn’t try to do too much. I even made a little screenshot for everyone to look at:

Cool eh?

Well NNW 2.0b3 came out today for everyone to try out and its got a ton of new features, has had all the crap stripped out (weblog editor and notepad). Speaking of the notepad, did anyone actually use that thing? :) They’ve added in ‘Smart Lists’ ala iTune’s smart playlists, flagging, better searching (thank god), ATOM feeds, Subscription sharing via the local network and tons more. Check out the whole list

Hey here’s a pic of NNW2 for good measure: