US Politics has officially jumped the shark

The presidental debates are coming up tomorrow and along with that we are beginning to see more stupid crap from both candidates. Representatives of both campaigns have been hammering out an “agreement” for the debates and it apparently includes a bunch of stupid shit that the news networks are objecting to:

Specifically, the networks object to provisions in the agreement that place limits on their cameras, including prohibitions on shots of one candidate while the other is answering questions.

What the hell? Are they afraid that one of the news agencies is going to catch George W. picking his nose or not paying attention while Kerry responds? Kerry thumbing his nose at GWB?

Under terms of the agreement reached last week between the Bush and Kerry campaigns after lengthy negotiations, moderators who refuse to sign the document can be replaced.

The 32-page agreement sets out the rules for the debates with great specificity, down to details such as the temperature of the hall, what kind of paper can be used to take notes and who can stand in the wings.

Yeah I realise that US politics jumped the shark long ago, but what ever happened to the two candidates just meeting up somewhere and having a damned debate. Everything about this election is so childish and retarded, it very nearly embarasses me.