New/Final Kitten and More Wedding Pictures

We’ve had another exciting weekend and again it centers on Cats!

Saturday Morning

7:30am – Wake up!
8:30am – Leave Cincinnati with Sashu in tow and an empty carrier
10:30am – Arrive just outside of the east side of Columbus and meet up with Sam and Janis of [Hilltop Bengals], we slip them some cash and they slip us a cat
12:30pm – Arrive somewhere a little south of Dayton, OH to meet Sashu’s adopter from Toledo
1:30pm – Arrive back home and begin introducing

I got to catch the end of the game of [Purdue v. Notre Dame] where we beat them 41 to 16 in their /own stadium/. It was a great day for me to finally see something like that :)

Ramses didn’t really want much to do with Brutus, hissing and running away from Brutus most of the time, but they’ve slowly been getting more accustomed to each other. Brutus follows him around and is very curious and doesn’t hiss at him at all. We left them both out last night and while I didn’t hear anything weird I think maybe they were able to relax and investigate the apartment a bit on their own time.

Lets see, what else? Ramses figured out how to get on the wall like Sashu did and prompty fell into the top of the closet in the office. Now the cat-tree is over by the window! [Ramses loves the couch while he was sleepy.

Click here for the whole gallery (the cats acquiant themselves)

Jacqui has also been getting a ton of calls on her cell phone from someone in Africa (we looked up the phone number). They called at least twice this morning around 5am and at that time she noticed that she had missed 3 calls. They called again this afternoon. All they say is “hallo? hallo?” and whenever Jacqui tells them that they have the wrong number they begin speaking in whatever African language they speak O_o

Also, Jacqui’s Parents sent us their photos from the Wedding. Here they be:

Click here for the whole gallery (more wedding pics)