VP Debate Aftermath

If there is one phrase that seems to be being used most to describe the debates last night it is “The Gloves Come Off.” I think they should qualify that with, “The gloves came off, then went back on after 30 minutes”

Both particpants stretched the facts to make the other guy look bad, but as far as I could tell, only Cheney was willing to completely fabricate things (following excerpts taken from Foxnews.com):

“The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight.”

In perhaps the most awkward blooper of the evening, Cheney told Edwards to his face that they had never met before the debate, despite evidence they had.

Edwards’ campaign later provided a transcript of a February 2001 prayer breakfast at which Cheney began his remarks by acknowledging the North Carolina senator. The campaign said the two also met when Edwards accompanied the other North Carolina senator, Elizabeth Dole, to her swearing-in ceremony.

“Gwen, the Kerry record on taxes is one basically of voting for a large number of tax increases — 98 times in the United States Senate.”

Cheney accused Kerry of voting for taxes 98 times. That’s down from the 350 times wrongly claimed by Republicans, but it’s still a stretch. Those 98 votes include times when Kerry voted for lower taxes — but not as low as Republicans wanted. And times when many procedural votes were cast on a single tax increase or package.

Edwards was more content to simply take people out of context and use a little hyperbole to make his points:

“They sent 40,000 American troops into Iraq without the body armor they needed,”

Gen. Peter Pace, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said 40,000 troops did not have the brand new, improved armor but, “every soldier and Marine on the ground over had body armor.”

“We also thought it was wrong to have a $20 billion fund out of which $7.5 billion was going to go to a no-bid contract for Halliburton, the vice president’s former company.”

…congressional auditors recently reviewed those contracts and concluded U.S. officials met legal guidelines in awarding the business without competition — in part because Halliburton was the only company capable of doing some of the work.

On a lighter note, I loved Paul Begala’s interpretation of Cheney’s closing remarks:

Where Cheney’s in his element is when he’s dark. He positively glows when he talks about the potential for a nuclear attack on America. Grrrrr…we’re all gonna die….grrrr….the terrorists are coming….grrrr….only my light saber can save you.

then he refered to him as Vice President Data. This was posted under the heading “Does Not Compute”:

A slight glitch on the master circuit for Vice President Data. He seemed befuddled when Edwards hammered the GOP for being too close to corporations. Said he hardly knew where to begin.

Is it just me or is Paul Begala a huge nerd? You decide!!