VP tells people to go to wrong website during debate

Last night in the debates, Cheney told everyone they should go to factcheck.com and the articles there would proove some of Edward’s claims about Cheney/Halliburton false. Well the problem is that the website’s real address is [factcheck.org]. Factcheck.com actually redirects to George Soro’s (billionaire philanthropist) website which is his platform for speaking out against the Bush administration… oops!

Well factcheck.org didn’t have a very glowing review of either of the candidate’s claims last night:

Cheney wrongly implied that FactCheck had defended his tenure as CEO of Halliburton Co., and the vice president even got our name wrong. He overstated matters when he said Edwards voted “for the war” and “to commit the troops, to send them to war.” He exaggerated the number of times Kerry has voted to raise taxes, and puffed up the number of small business owners who would see a tax increase under Kerry’s proposals.

Edwards falsely claimed the administration “lobbied the Congress” to cut the combat pay of troops in Iraq, something the White House never supported, and he used misleading numbers about jobs.

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