Lee's back wheel was stolen!

As Jacqui, Lee, and I left work on Friday, we were talking about biking-related subjects. We opened the front door to our building and walked towards our customary bike rack thing. Lee’s bike was U-locked to it, but I noticed something odd. His back wheel was missing!

I asked Lee if he had taken his rear wheel up with him earlier (which would’ve been strange). He told me no and then noticed what I had seen. His rear wheel had been stolen!

And not only had it been stolen, it was stolen off a bike locked on a sidewalk in broad daylight, on a busy street, in a fairly nice section of downtown!

Poor lee had to take his bike up to the office, minus a wheel and ride the bus home in shame. I feel really bad for Lee, but it makes me feel a bit better about securely locking up both my wheels/frame in the morning. I think I might start doing the procedure of removing my front wheel and locking everything up in the rear.