We are Wicker Park Bucktown photo suggestion box

We are Wicker Park Bucktown is an special service area1 with the following mission:

to sustain and promote the prosperity and unique qualities of life of the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood and commercial district, whilst preserving its diverse character for the benefit of its residents, visitors, and businesses through the wise and discerning investment of resources to enhance our public ways.

They recently held a master planning open house and invited locals to give their suggestions for the area in a really fun photo format. They’ve uploaded the photos to Flick for anyone to browse through:

  1. WBP Open House #1 Suggestion Box
  2. WBP Open House #2 Suggestion Box
  3. WBP Open House #3 Suggestion Box

And some sample photos:

Awesome idea, I spent some time looking through all the photos.

1 A special service area (or SSA) is a taxing district, usually centered on commercial districts, where the tax money collected is administered locally. For more information on WPB (including its mission, boundaries, and Commissioners) visit our home page. If you browse the “News” page, you’ll get an idea of the types of projects WPB has been working on.