Biking injury: one cut knee

First I should say that I am absolutely fine and the only injury I’ve sustained here is this big cut on my knee. I’m sorry if you’ve come to my site and seen the photos of cuts and x-rays and didn’t know what was going on! No broken bones, no ligament/tendon damage, just a big nasty cut.

So here’s the low down, if you want full details, IM me or email: I was riding in a narrow gap between parked cars and moving cars on the left (aka. what passes for a bike lane on some streets, Milwaukee to be exact. Near wood/damen I guess). Long story short, some shit went down and I hit the back of a stopped car in traffic.

Not just any car, but a brand new 2008 Lexus that some poor guy was test driving.

Anyway, I must’ve hit the car with my knee because I dented the back of the trunk lid, broke the taillight (here’s a candidate for what sliced my knee open) and tore up the underside of the bumper (my bike maybe?)

I bled a lot right away and there was blood all over the street/sidewalk. Fortunately about 2-3 bikers stopped and called the ambulance, gave me tissues to put pressure on the wound, helped me sit down, elevate my leg, and all that good stuff.

Bike turned out fine, I mostly just laid it down as I fell and flew a bit. I think I scratched the paint here and there and it looks like my pedal must have hit the concrete a little.

Ambo came, rode to hospital, cleaned me up, xray’d me, stitched me up. All good really. 23 stitches.

I asked the doctor a lot of questions and he said what’s exposed in those pics is just a bit of my tendon/ligament(?) and what got pulled off is just skin. No broken bones, a very very tiny nick on my tendon, so he’s sending me to get an MRI to be sure everything is cool.

Stitches will come out in 14 days. The worst part about this whole thing is that I can’t do any crazy stuff with my knee for a month or two while it heals up. That includes biking …. IN THE BEST WEATHER OF THE YEAR. Bah.

Anyway, I still plan on going to Boston this weekend, so see some of you guys there!