Nut Allergy

So I’ve long suspected I might be very acutely allergic to some kind of nut.

I noticed long ago that if I ate out of a tin of mixed nuts, my mouth and tongue would eventually feel annoying and prickly—essentially putting me off eating mixed nuts and nuts in general—except Peanuts (LEGUMES)—for quite a while

As I don’t eat many nuts I kind of left it at that for a long time. Only recently did I try to eat some mixed nuts and I got the same old feeling right away. I couldn’t remember which nut I’d eaten, but I suspected it was a Cashew.

Last night we had an amazing dinner at Moto and the first “course”—which is just an edible menu—had a few dollops of cashew butter which I ate greedily without thinking.

Luckily my “allergy” to Cashews is just annoying. Essentially my tongue and mouth get a tingly, prickly, or itchy feeling. Last night, however, I’d apparently eaten so much condensed and purified cashew that the whole back of my throat basically went numb, as if I’d used Chloraseptic spray or something. Also luckily, it only really lasted 10-15 minutes and faded away before the real first course came along.

Anyway, I’m happy to have finally identified this rogue nut and my reaction to its wily ways.