What I spent the last 14 months doing at Obama For America

I updated clintecker.com a little bit and other things need updating, but you can get an idea of what I’ve been up to there! I’m down to talk with anyone who wants more information about the projects I worked on or what it was like to work in the campaign, just hit me up at me@clintecker.com.

TL;DR: I was one of many engineers on Dashboard (a huge Narwhal-backed Rails app that coordinated the activities of tens of thousands of volunteers), was lead engineer on “Identity”, our single-sign-on service (based on OpenID and which let us have unified logins across every app we wrote), and supported some sections of Narwhal (our huge campaign API); which you may have heard of.

I’ve compiled a little list of awesome articles about some of the cool stuff we did on the campaign. It was truly a team effort and that team included hundreds of people in HQ and thousands of people all over the country. The items towards the top of this list are more recent and thus contain much more factual information whereas the stuff nearer to the bottom might be good but they are based much more on speculation and disinformation than anything else.

There are going to be a lot more (and better) articles coming out soon, so I’ll keep my blog updated and I’ll make sure people know about them through Twitter and Facebook.