Harper Reed on OFA 2012's Dashboard

“What it did was it listened, and it trickled up information,” Reed told me. “So like, if you were a volunteer and you knocked on a bunch of doors and you had a particularly bad day, you could say, ‘I’m in a very red area, I’m having a particularly bad day specifically on health care.’ So that trickles up. And so, at HQ, you’re able to say, ‘We need to send this person more information, particularly about health care, to arm them, so it can be less depressing.’”

As Slaby explains, Dashboard also increased the “stickiness” of the campaign’s contacts with supporters. If someone used the platform to, say, join a Veterans for Obama group or sign up to help at their local precinct, they’d hear back from a real person within three days. “After 72 hours, the likelihood that someone’s going to engage drops precipitously,” Slaby says.

—[Under the Hood of Team Obama’s Tech Operation Mother Jones](http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/11/inside-obama-campaign-tech-operation)