Escape from New York

Hello everyone, I’m back :) I haven’t posted an update over the past couple of days because I was relocating from Manhattan to our cabin in an undisclosed located in the middle of the country!

We had planned on leaving the city a couple of weeks ago, and finally pulled the trigger this past Friday, just hours before Governor Cuomo ratcheted up the lockdown in the state.

We drove across many states and heard from many people outside the big COVID-19 hotspots. Most restaurants in the states we traversed are closed for dining in. However I personally heard from several people who are still of the belief that the entire pandemic is a huge overreaction—it was very disappointing.

We arrived here yesterday with our two cats which did not particularly love spending 20+ hours in a vehicle, but they are loving the change of scenary (and the much bigger living space).

I’ve updated the COVID 19 statistics for the past couple of days and the numbers are shocking. The number of “severe cases” in the united states has increased dramatically.

When we left Manhattan, there were 64 severe cases in the US, and as of today there are 1,040, a 1500% increase in just 3 days!

There were only about 19,000 total cases and today there are almost 41,000, almost 115% increase.

Deaths have increased 161% in that time from 256 to 667.

The growth curve in the NYC, the United States, and the World is currently not good.

I’m a little busy getting the compound into shape for living here for the next couple months, but I should return tomorrow with a regular update on what’s happening with COVID-19.