Life Update: January 2021 -> June 2021

Well its been a pretty wild ride since I last posted here (on January 1, 2021!).

From January until May we continued to live at our mountain home and I have been working for a new company named General Galactic since about October 2020.

For the first part of this year we were working exclusively on a product called Galactic Camera that lets you overlay really simple, but powerful graphics and information on your video calls. You can read more about it on Product Hunt.

Once Jacqui and I were fully vaccinated in May, we hopped in our campervan (did I mention we purchased a camper van?) and drove out to Fresno with our cats to visit Jacqui’s grandmother and grand-aunt!

The trip was for a week and on the way back, we stopped in Sante Fe, NM. It was my first trip there and it was the first place I ate in a restaurant (albeit out on the sidewalk) in over 18 months!

We spent about a day and half there milling about before heading back to our home in Colorado. It was a nice preparation for what we had in plan for the summer and into the fall.

Once we got back to Colorado we were joined by our family who came out for a couple days and enjoyed the wonderful summer colorado weather. We only had a couple weeks beyond this before we embarked on an epic trip to New York City to collect our belongings and move them to our new condo in Chicago!

I really should give a real-estate update at some point because in the past year we’ve purchased:

  1. The adjoining north and south properties to our home in Colorado. The property to the north has a nice home on it and the property to the south is a pristine little gulch full of foxes and birds.
  2. A condo in Chicago!

In the next post I’ll go over our epic journey that started at the beginning of July and lasted until the middle of October. We drove from Colorado to Kansas to New York City to Chicago and back to Colorado!